• Puttabong Estate FTGFOP1 Second Flush Darjeeling 2021

Puttabong Estate FTGFOP1 Second Flush Darjeeling 2021

Puttabong Estate is a reputed estate renown for producing high quality teas. This is no exception. Produced in late Spring, it has the characteristic Muscatel flavor associated with Darjeeling teas. This tea has more cup color than a first flush tea because it has been oxidized a little more. The dry leaves too are browner with less or devoid of greenish particles that are common in a first flush tea. The liquor has more body and leaves behind a bright coppery infusion. As always care should be taken when preparing this tea to optimize the flavor. Use 2 grams (about 1 heaping teaspoon) for 8 ounces water. Steep for 5 minutes at 200 F. Use only spring water. Separate the leaves after 5 minutes so that the tea is not over steeped. The aroma will be evident from the time hot water is added. Savor the aroma while sipping the tea for a delightful experience. Acknowledge the artistry of the tea maker who made it possible for us to enjoy. Please write a review. Watch our ‘How to’ Video on brewing Darjeeling tea  How To Videos – Empire Tea Services