Tea Bags

Foil enveloped tea bags in 14 flavors. Individually sealed for extra freshness. Packaged in window boxes showing each flavor. 10 tea bags per flavor. Harvested from tender tea leaves and carefully processed and blended to bring out the real taste of tea. Window boxes are perfect for Gift Baskets or as a gift for the tea enthusiast. These enveloped tea bags are also available in a variety pack of 4 flavors. For the sophisticated consumer we have also packed these delightful teas in a handcrafted hardwood tea chest with felt lining for an elegant look. Available in Large (120 tea bags) and Small (90 tea bags). FLAVORS – English Breakfast, Green tea, Darjeeling black tea, Ceylon black tea, Cinnamon Orange Spice green tea, Chamomile with Almond Herbal tea (no caffeine), Earl Grey black tea, Blackcurrant black tea, Moroccan Mint green tea, Jasmine green tea, Mandarin Rooibos Herbal tea, Tropical Delight black tea, Snowberry black tea, Chai (black tea with spices).

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