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The resurgence of tea in the US is creating opportunities for tea lovers with an entrepreneurial spirit to venture out to start a tea business in one form or the other. Be it an existing Tea room, Antique store, Spa, Coffee shop, Gourmet store, Gift basket business, Catering, Bed & Breakfast or a home based Internet web site, tea affords opportunities to jump in on the latest trend that is taking the US by storm! Tea rooms are opening up in every small town from coast to coast and every coffee shop is now selling tea, with Chai emerging as the bridge from coffee to tea.

We are pleased that we have been able to help many entrepreneurs from coast to coast, to start their own Tea Businesses with the help of our private Tea Class. Tea Education is the most basic and fundamental requirement for any tea business. Our unique experience of over 35 years, puts us clearly ahead of other Tea Education programs, for the simple reason that we have had hands on experience in every facet of the tea industry and trade from tea estate and factory management to tea importing and blending, tea room ownership, online marketing, wholesale marketing and conducting tea seminars.

Unfortunately, there is a severe shortage of knowledge in the art of tea. The numerous facets that tea encompasses, are specialized niches in their own right. Example, running an old world Victorian style tea room is quite different from a more contemporary Asian style tea house. The accoutrements and other merchandise suitable for one is totally unsuitable for the other. Even the type of teas served in one is different from the other. Such is the diversity of tea and it's culture. Types of tea vary not only from it's origins, but also in leaf style, color, taste and density. Making a pot of Oolong is so different from making a pot of Gunpowder.

Tea Class

My name is Lalith Guy Paranavitana and I am the owner of Empire Tea Services. I am here to tell you that you should not fear. In just 5 hours of intensive training during our tea classes, you could learn the principles of tea and thereafter building on that foundation is easy. With my extensive background in the tea business and tea trade spanning over 45 years both in the US and on Tea estates and Factories in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), I am able to determine what is important for each individual in his/her business and create a 5 hour tea education program specifically for his/her needs.

I offer one on one, hands on intensive tea education training focused on the important aspects of tea which cannot be learned by reading books. Unlike in a class room atmosphere where there are certain inhibitions, these private training tea education programs allow the participants (maximum two) to ask questions without any intimidation or embarrassment. Below is a testimonial from a couple (Husband & Wife) who attended my training tea class program recently.


Carl and I really enjoyed your private consultation. We didn't come with very high expectations, or an excitement to learn about tea. But we had no idea it would be so fascinating. We learned so much, and are very exited now to learn more and become tea educators. We feel much more equipped to serve and sell teas. Time well spent.

Thank you."

Carl & Cathy Lucas
Bella-Dawn Tea Room & Inn
368 W. Main St., Danville, In 46122

If you feel that starting your own tea business is right for you, or would just enjoy some tea education we have the tea class for you. Please contact me at (812) 375-1937 or use our online form.

Tea Class Fee : $300.00 per person (minimum 2 persons)

Duration - 5 hours

Location: 4525 Progress Drive, Columbus, IN 47201
Distance from Airport; Indianapolis : 44 miles

Tea Instructional DVD

For those unable to come to my private class I am offering an alternate opportunity. I have just published a 2 Disc DVD of my tea class. Together with samples of the teas featured in the DVD and notes thereof, you will be able to learn much of what you would learn if you were physically present. Click the link below to order. Get a quick preview of what information you will find on the DVD set HERE.