Iced Teas - Gallon Size Bags

One gallon filter bags. Our award winning iced tea blends have been created from a best selling Traditional Ceylon black tea base which won the best Iced tea award at the Tea Expo in Las Vegas 2004. Over the years we have added more flavors to this category as the demand has grown. 80% of tea consumed in the USA is iced tea and it is only fitting that we have striven to raise the bar and offer the best iced tea. Filter bags make it very simple to prepare. Simply put one bag into a pitcher or container, add 1/2 gallon of very hot water (about 200 F) and steep for 5-6 minutes. Remove the bag, add 1/2 gallon of cold water and pour into ice filled glasses. Sweeten to taste. The temperature of water plays a big role in the steeping / extraction process. The temperature of the water determines the flavor of the tea and we encourage you to try different temperatures ranging from 160F - 212F (Boiling). You will be surprised at the change in flavor. For sun tea steep for several hours, and even longer for cold water brewed ice tea. These teas are also suitable for refrigerator brewing. Directions are available on each package. Always use spring water or soft water. Hard water will make the tea cloud when chilled.

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