Iced Teas - Quart Size Bags

Eight x 12 gram pillow bags in a white re-closable stand-up pouch. Each bag makes 2 quarts of delicious iced tea. We use pure Ceylon tea which won first place in the ice tea shake off at the World Tea Expo in 2004. There are 6 flavors to choose from - Traditional Ceylon black tea, Peach & Apricot green tea, Strawberry & Kiwi Ceylon black tea, Raspberry Panache Ceylon black tea, Watermelon Ceylon black tea, Mango Melba Ceylon black tea. These teas are suitable for hot brewing, cold brewing, sun tea and refrigerator brewing. Water temperature determines the flavor of the tea as extraction is significantly more at higher temperatures. Be creative and try blending two or more flavors. The filtration of small particles by the filter material use to make the bags guarantee clear tea with a bright vibrant color. For best results use soft water or spring water. Directions - Fill a pitcher with 1 quart of very hot water drawn from the tap, drop a bag into the water and let it steep for 5-6 minutes. Remove the bag and add 1 quart of cold water. Pour into ice filled glasses.

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