• Lapsang Souchong Special

Lapsang Souchong Special

Lapsang Souchong, sometimes referred to as smoked tea, is a black tea that is originally from the mountainous Wu Yi region in the province of Fujian in China. It is distinct from other types of tea, as the leaves are traditionally smoke-dried over pinewood fires, imparting a distinctive flavor of smoky pine. Souchong refers to the larger, coarser fourth and fifth tea leaves that are found lower on the branch, further away from the more highly prized bud (pekoe) of the tea plant. These leaves are coarser than the leaves closer to the bud and have fewer aromatic compounds. Usually prepared same as black tea. Use 2 grams in 10 ounces water and steep for 5-6 minutes at 200F. Use more for stronger tea.