• Kenmare Estate FBOP
  • Kenmare Estate FBOP

Kenmare Estate FBOP

Kenmare is the brand name for tea produced in the factory of Concordia Tea
Estate located in the Nuwara Eliya region of Sri Lanka (formerly known as
Ceylon). Nuwara Eliya region is famous for producing light liquoring
flavorful teas during the quality season from January to March. This tea
was manufactured in late March of 2022.
Use 2 grams (1 heaping teaspoon) for 8 ounces of water and steep for 5
minutes at 195 F. Separate the leaves by filtering or using a tea strainer.
Cup color is bright and the taste is refreshing and sublime. Inhale the
aroma while sipping the tea. For best results use spring water. For more
information on steeping black tea watch our 'How to' videos in the
information tab.