• Goomtee Estate FTGFOP First Flush Darjeeling 2022

Goomtee Estate FTGFOP First Flush Darjeeling 2022


Harvested and carefully manufactured in the early Spring month of April 2022, when the tea bushes are just recovering from the Winter. Clear night skies with very low humidity coupled with an excellent standard of plucking comprising of tender leaves only has resulted in creating this exquisite Darjeeling First Flush tea. This high elevation tea has a low oxidation producing a cup color that is very light and an aroma that is emanated even while the tea is still steeping. This tea deserves the respect of methodical and precise steeping. Use 2 grams of tea (roughly 1 heaping teaspoon) for 8 ounces of water and steep for 4 minutes at 190 F. Use only spring water. Separate the tea leaves from the liquid by straining. Never over steep. For stronger tea use 3 grams or 1 ½ teaspoons. This tea is best consumed without addition of milk or sweetener. Savor the aroma drifting to your nose while sipping the tea. Be aware of your senses and be immersed in the warmth of imbibing an exquisite tea. Please write a review of your experience for others to follow.

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