• Dragon Well (Lung Ching)

Dragon Well (Lung Ching)

Longjing tea from the Fujiian province in China is called by its literal translated name Dragon Well tea. It is a variety of pan-roasted green tea from the area of Longjing Village in HangzhouZhejiang Province, China. It is produced mostly by hand and renowned for its high quality flat leaves. Like most other Chinese green tea, Longjing tea leaves are roasted early in processing, immediately after picking, to stop the natural oxidation process, which is a part of creating black and oolong teas. The actions of these enzymes are stopped by "firing" (heating in pans). When steeped, the tea produces a yellow-green color. Green tea are very sensitive to temperature and steeping time and would tend to be highly astringent (bitter) if not made correctly. Our recommendation is to use 3 grams of tea in 10 ounces water and steep for 3 minutes at 160 F. A second infusion is possible but less intense.