• Jasmine Fairy
  • Jasmine Fairy

Jasmine Fairy


8 Blooms per box. Each bloom makes a 40 oz pot of tea. A second infusion is also possible.

Blooming Teas (also referred to as Art Tea) are made with tender Fujiian green tea buds and dried flowers by a special, traditional process involving hand sewing of the tea buds into ball shapes. The taste of the liquor is very subtle with a lingering sweet taste. The color of the liquor is pale yellow.

Method - Fill a glass tea pot with 40 ounces of water at 200 F and gently drop one of the dried blooms. Initially it will float and as it absorbs water, it will gently sink to the bottom while unfurling the buds to reveal the flower. After the flower has fully opened, enjoy the beauty of the revelation and pour into cups to enjoy the tea. A second infusion may be possible.