Cooking with Rooibos

Cooking with Rooibos

Empire Tea

Tuesday 19, 2017

This time of year squash and tea seem to be everywhere in different forms. Thanksgiving especially gives us the opportunity to try different foods! Recently here at Empire Tea we were approached and asked for tea for a marinade which gave us the idea to cook with tea.

Rooibos is an African herbal tisane or red tea. It has a strong perfume and taste, which is the reason this recipe, Rooibos Butternut “Pizzettas” from, caught our attention. This recipe has you steep the butter used to coat the butternut squash with the rooibos tea. This creates a subtle, but distinct, flavor. The pizzettas, topped with salt, pepper, a dash of rooibos, and chives, are a great fall side dish! Find the recipe here and the tea we used here.

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